Stock pair Bonuses


The bonuses are one of the most eye-catching and attracting feature of the stock pair trading. The traders must always look out for the brokers that can provide them higher bonuses with every deposit they make. There are main two types of bonuses that the broker firms provide to the depositors. These are the First Time bonus and Bonuses upon Additional deposits. Stock pairs are a very great way of trading your stocks and earning a higher rate of profit.

First Time bonus

While starting a trade with stock pair you have to make up an online account from where you can carry out the transactions. These accounts require a first-time deposit on which certain bonuses are provided. A first-time stock pair bonus is provided to the depositors. These are used by the depositors to carry on a bonus trade using the bonus. The stock pairs are very helpful in carrying out the automated trades using the bonus. These bonus are provided only applicable for the first time deposit.

These bonuses are used to carry out trade in the stock markets. The bigger your deposit is, chances are that you might get a bigger bonus. Using a number of bonuses and the deposited amount, the investors are able to trade stock pairs in the markets. With a high investment amount, the investors have a better chance of earning profits than facing losses. To know more about the stock pair bonus you may read from here.


For instance, if you are a new trader and have deposited $1000 in your account for the first time then a bonus of 25% i.e. $250 is provided to you. Now the total balance of your account will show $1250. Using this amount you can carry out the stock trade.

Bonuses upon Additional deposits

Some stock pair brokers offer a bonus at each additional deposit after reaching a certain limit. A fixed limit is set by fro the depositors and after reaching that limit every depositor is offered a bonus at a fixed percentage. It might sometimes happen that the brokers who offer such kinds of bonuses might be a scam. Nine out of ten bonus offering stock pair bonus are not a scam, there are many factors, which should be observed while depositing your amount. You can read more about it from here. If your account has reached a certain limit and then you deposit an additional amount in your account than a bonus is provided to you.

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For instance, your online account has reached a stipulated limit of $2000. Now on an additional deposit to your account, you are awarded a fixed bonus of 5% on the deposited amount. The additional amount deposited by you is $250. On this amount, you will be awarded a bonus of $12.5 and the total of your account balance will show $2262.5. You may now use this amount to carry on further trade. These bonuses are very helpful in developing your interest in stock pair trading.

Copy Buffett Software Demo Account


The Copy Buffett is a binary trading platform that was created by Jeremy Fin, which brings to light the Warren Buffett, a renowned financial magnate. This is a new binary trading tool which has proven to be reliable in as far as trading is concerned. It is essentially an automated robot that has the capacity to place up to an astonishing 500 trades within a single day. The trader can benefit from the automated and manual modes of the system. But, you can also set the trading system to autopilot. In such cases, the user will not have to care about the system’s trading options. One will be able to generate income from the comfort of the home. This is one of the most notable reasons that make it popular. It is one of the few autopilot trading systems that make it easy for novices to generate income from binary platforms. It is a great platform for making cash if you want to generate income.

How to register for the trading platform

If you want to register for an account on the Copy Buffett binary trading platform, you can do well to take advantage of the system’s free trial period. The system’s free trial period lasts for a length of time equalling 30 days. During the course of the trial period, you can study the performance of the software and gauge its reliability. If you happen to be satisfied with the performance of the software, you can proceed to sign up for a premium account. In case you happen to make any profits within the course of the 30 year period, you can keep all the profits to yourself. But, the software does not make any extraordinary promises that are out of this world. Therefore, how much you can make within a certain period of time may not be known. You need up to $250 to register for an account.

How does it work?

The operation of the Copy Buffett binary trading platform is quite simple and straight forward. It is a very simple and straight forward trading platform. It comes with a sophisticated algorithm which streamlines the binary trading process on behalf of traders. The trading platform is 100 % online and thus does not require traders to download it. You can use the software from any browser including the supported mobile platforms. It comes with algorithms that automatically generate signals once a winning opportunity arises to enable traders to pounce on trading opportunities.


Special features of the trading platform

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  • It is possible to generate close to $2,000 of profit within a single day depending on how much you invest.
  • It can send up to 500 signals to the trader thus bolstering the chances of generating profits
  • It is also connected to various private forums which traders can easily access and interact with several other traders
  • It is risk free since the chances of winning are more pronounced than those of losing

For more information on this platform, you can follow this link.

Banc de Binary Regulation


Banc de Binary believes in helping traders to promote their investments to the highest level by teaching them to invest. In Europe Banc de Binary is operated by its branch based in Cyprus. It is   an investment firm which is licensed and regulated by Securities Exchange of Cyprus CySEC with.188/13 as its licence number.

The license of these online brokers is based on Investment services and Activities of Cyprus and their Market Regulating law established in the year 2007. These laws of the Cyprus Republic were harmonized with the needs Parliament of Europe and their markets for financial direction to make certain investors got protection and the services received were as per regulations.

The Best Trader – Bank de Binary

Banc de Binary follows guidelines strictly to help provide protection and transparency to each and every customer and is directly under the supervision of the regulator based in Cyprus. In compliance with MIFID regulations this company has set establishment in all states of East European Association and has informed regulators of finances in the respective states that it provides residents of these states with services. There are various regulators shown in a list who have accepted the services of the Banc of Binary and the sites to which they are linked.

Banc de binary trades in assets that are secure on returns such as commodities, foreign exchange, indices and stock. The company has an online website which helps customers to buy and sell. There is no regulated exchange for customers of this Institution to trade and they bet against the firm and the only profit for the firm is when the client loses. This Institution is associated with Exchange which deals with on the spot option for trading which sets the price.


Banc de Binary was founded after the 2008 financial crisis and provides the simplest and most profitable options to the customers. As of today through online binary options trading platform around 250,000 customers in 80 countries round the world have access to global markets. As award winning firm and CySEC regulated company a risk controlled and safe environment is provided to all valued clients. Binary options in trading are simple. Investors are focused whether the financial asset will go up or done within a specific time. Banc de Binary’s blog give gives the latest market analysis and news. Their financial experts provide video tutorials and educational support to help clients achieve success.

CEO and founder of Banc de Binary Oren Laurent said the infrastructure and high-quality labor force made the island the first choice for European and Middle-Eastern headquarters. It is most professional company in the binary options market. If you ever looked for comfortable trading system and success with a support team and a user-friendly platform then Banc de Binary is always there for you.

Banc de Binary allows its client to bet on different types of assets with a platform which is priced called spot option which is customized  as per the rules this Institution. The customers are not the custodians of the assets but predict whether the prices will fluctuate. The roll of Banc de Binary is to open accounts as a trader for Spot option’s work. Many options are offered by company in trading.

24option – The most popular broker


24Option are one of the rule online parallel choices administrators. They gloat a fragment of the most recent advancement on their exchanging stage and pride themselves on offering a simple to utilize stage, and one which is in like way highlight reach and imaginative. The firm works under the affiliation name Rodeler Limited and has home office in Cyprus. They have beginning late opened a London office regardless, to bolster their making business section in the UK. They are controlled by CySec and race to impel their association as a safe twofold alternatives shipper. They plan to offer a clear exchanging establishment other than give traders the devices they should be helpful – including a touch of the most essential reasons for control in the business.

Here are a touch of the key bits of information with respect to 24Option;

• Demo Account – Yes

  Least Deposit – £245

• Least exchange – £25

• Signals association – Yes

• Bonus reasons for interest – 24Option offer “Premium Prizes”– visit the Promotions page at 24Option (representations join Apple Watch and VIP football tickets).

24Option offers a clear stage focused at savvy, fundamental exchanging, moreover a minimal exchanging application. Vendors can examine four exchanging instruments and a concentrated degree of expiry times. These can be as short as 60 seconds, and as a long ways ahead as a week or more on specific resources. Payouts will differentiate considering the ideal position and expiry time, yet 24Option have high payout levels in reverence to their opponents. The exchanging locale is obviously laid out. Agents can pick the purpose of interest they are had with exchanging either especially from the quick overview, or by secluding the showcase down to the meal class required, by

scrAgents can pick the purpose of interest they are had with exchanging either especially from the quick overview, or by secluding the showcase down to the meal class required, by technique for a drop down menu. The exchanging window is for unequaled perceptible, contiguous the meal list, and will upgrade in a blaze if a substitute stock or resource is picked. The regarding chart on the exchanging window can be reached out, to permit a more point by point examination of worth enhancements.

Underneath the exchanging window is the open exchanges locale. From here merchants can see every one of the exchanges they have open, and these are hailed with reference to whether they are at present in the cash or not. The opening cost and current cost are both showed up, much the same as the expiry time. Also, the open exchanges window will exhibit a “Nearby” respect – that is a worth that the vendor can ‘trade out’ immediately – either to secure leeway or reduction an episode.

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Exchange history is additionally showed up around there, displaying every single finished exchange, open and close costs and unmistakably, the net inevitable result of the exchange. There are in like way three tabs for vendors to keep taught of business portions changes; an exchanging cautions tab, a regulated business sector overhauls tab and the to an incredible degree essential Economic logbook tab, which is an important hotspot for perceiving the key money related presentations that will get discharged to the business fragments as quickly as time permits. You can read more about this here…